Nilfisk BV1100 NA Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

AUD $429.00

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The Nilfisk BV1100 is designed to tolerate a small amount of water. Designed for areas such as pubs, clubs and restaurants, it is basically an insurance policy against small unseen spillage’s. This durable machine is ideal in all situations.

  • Nilfisk BV1100 Bypass Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Includes Combi Nozzle, Wand & Hose
  • Tough moulded body, twin bumpers to prevent marking on walls and furniture
  • Snap on Lid, no protuding clips to catch or scratch walls
  • Double insulated for complete electrical safety
  • Bypass motor ensures longer motor life and better suction
  • Ergonomic frame has been designed to distribute the machines weight over the hips, not shoulders, eliminating the need for other discomforting back supports
  • Exhaust is directed up and away from the operator
  • Comes complete with wands, floor tool and hose
  • Outlet for power-head pre-installed on machine


  • Motor1100 Watt By-Pass Motor
  • Bag Capacity5Lt
  • Cord Length15Mt
  • Weight4.9Kg
  • Warranty 1 Year Commercial Warranty